ASIC Design Services

Xtint Technologies ASIC design team have exceptional expertise in custom chip design as per clients requirements. There are various stages of development includes: Feasibility study. System architecture definition. Hardware-software trade-offs. Functional requirements assessment. Module level design, verification and implementation. Top level simulation at RTL and gate level. Third-party IP selection and integration. Hardware-software co-verification. Synthesis from RTL level to gate level. FPGA prototyping of top-level or sub-level. Design for test: boundary scan, internal scan. Static timing analysis.

ASIC Design, SoC Design, ASIC/SoC/FPGA Verification, Synthesis/layout/Timing and DFT, FPGA Design and Development, Silicon and System Validation, Design and Verification IP Development

Expericed team of Embedded Engineers are available for development of complete product firmware at any stage of development from design to stable working version of firmware. Engineers are online on skype at 24x7 and providing complete support for any bug or problem in maintance and issues in real time product usage.

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