Microchip PIC Expert

Xtint Technologies have Team of experts in programming of firmware for microchip PIC. An experience team of experts are ready to redefine your product based on performance or either in low power cost effective consumer product design. Xtint provides complete IP rights to clients and work for on hire basis with full product ownerships to clients.

Some of example of software firmware for various applications is listed below::
8-bit PIC MCU Code Example
ADC during sleep mode
EUSART2 with Peripheral Pin Select
HLVD Power Down Save code example
Reading a button and operating LEDs with the 18CXXX
I2C hardware interface PICmicro® to serial EEPROM for the 18CXXX
USART Demonstration for the 18CXXX
Serial Bootloader for the PIC18FXXX
A/D Converter Demonstration for the 18CXXX
PIC18 Comparator with PPS Code Example

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