Memory Interfacing

XE has been a leading one stop provider of hardware and software solutions for the embedded realtime systems market.XE together with its associate companies, possesses in-depth expertise and vast experience with real-time embedded systems and development tools, has succeeded in bringing to fore an ecosystem of highly integrated hardware and software solutions, tools and products ranging from Development Suites, Middleware Solutions, In Circuit Debuggers and Emulators, Connectivity Solutions, Protocol Analyzers and Hardware Subsystems to holistically support design, development and debugging processes in Embedded Systems.

Development Environment & Platforms
Android SDK/NDK, Dynamic C, AtmelStudio, Code Composer Studio,Linux-GCC,IAR Embedded Workbench, AVR Studio, Visual Studio,GitHub-Repo,Visual Basic 6.0,MPLAB,Arduino, Visual C++,Code Warrior.

Operating System
Linux Kernel, Windows MFC API, Android NDK,Real Time Operating Systems(RTOs), MicroC OS-II,U-boot,etc


Programming Expertise
C, C++, Java, Assembly, Arduino Sketch, Perl, RLX, Dynamic C,MATLAB Programming, Basic HTML,Basic C#,Basic

Controller Family
ARM Cortex-M, ARM Cortex-A, ARM Cortex-R, ARM 7, ARM 9, ARM 11, MSP430, PIC, ATmel,AVR, ST, TI, Motorolla, Intel, Rasberry PI, Arduino, etc.

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