Arduino Experts

At Xtint, Developers suggest Arduino for fast prototyping and testing of product based on Arduino as 8 bit microcontroller control board. Arduino is an open-source PC equipment
and programming organization, venture and client group that outlines and fabricates packs
for building advanced gadgets and intelligent items that can sense and control the physical world.

Tools Require:
-Arduino IDE as Development Environment
-Arduino Board
-USB Cable
-Windows or Linux PC

Xtint’s Developers provide complete programming customization services for Arduino.
It has library stacks to getting started with it quickly by just calling function from library.
It supports various communication interfaces like Serial UART, SPI, USB, I2C, and Wi-Fi as well web server. There is variety of development boards available to quickly use for development of prototype products. Arduino is widely used for fast product prototyping and Hobbist projects.
Example of Arduino boards can be used as per application product requirement and functionality. Like Arduino Yun used for Wifi based application, Arduino Mega 2560 have
more internal flash memory than Arduino Uno. Arduino BLE shield also available for configuring and developing product based on Bluetooth. We provide complete consulting services based on these products.

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