Protocol Engineering Services

Xtint Technologies have acheived exceptional technical Expertise in Protocol Engineering Specially in Communication Protocols domain. USB, SPI,CAN and Protocols like I2C have been widely implemented with various devices with respect to different Architecture of Vendors or Processors. Irrespctive of whether devices having 8 bit processor or having 16 bit, 32 bit or 64 bit of processors, Engineers at Xtint Successfully Ported application on different architeture of devices.

Expertise is not limited with communication domain, but Xtint have diversed it in Network Protocols also. Engineers at Xtint Constantly upgrading their skills on newer technologies and platforms. Zigbee and Bluetooth BLE are come up with technologies in IoT or Home Automation Industry and Xtint have already builds products based on Zigbee Devices like CC2530 and CC2540.   

Expericed team of Embedded Engineers are available for development of complete product firmware at any stage of development from design to stable working version of firmware. Engineers are online on skype at 24x7 and providing complete support for any bug or problem in maintance and issues in real time product usage.

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