Test Case Study:

Customised Linux OS Image using Buildroot

Base Linux Forks: Buildroot very light-weight and trimmed down toolchain
Building Platform : Linux 32 Bit, Ubuntu, Cross Compiled for Target Platform: Raspberry Pi, ARM or Any other.

Compiler: GCC

Assembler and Linker : Binaryutils,

C standard library GNU LibcuClibc

Linux Kernel version: 3.12.1"

Steps to Follow:
1.Prerequisites for your System, Linux Ubuntu 12.04, 32 Bit, 1 GB RAM
2.Downloading Toolchain.
3.Configuring Linux kernel and Packages
4.Build Linux Image by MAKE
5.Create partiton and config for Deploying Linux Image on Memory
6.Write Image on Mmeory and Booting System Up

Sample Linux Kernel Config File Can be Downloaded: Here

Sample Linux Image Availablle for Download on request at info@xtintt.com

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