Atmel AVR Microcontroller Programming Services

At Xtint, Tools Require provides complete firmware development services for Atmel AVR based 8 and 32 bit microcontrollers. There is variety of microcontrollers available for development right product based on that. These controllers can be widely used in various industry verticals like Low Power based industrial application, or either High performance based industrial application. As well there are Wide range of software stacks available for developing consumer products also.

To getting started with it require some sort of things listed below:
-Atmel Stduio or AVR Studio IDE as Development Environment
-Development Board
-USB Cable and Programmers like MK-II
-Windows PC

Xtint’s Developers provide complete programming customization services for Atmel-AVR based mega or xmega based microcontroller. As well Atmel provides ASF software library for developing products as quickly as possible. It supports various communication interfaces like Serial UART, SPI, USB, I2C, and Wi-Fi as well web server. There is variety of development boards available to quickly use for development of prototype products.
Microcontrollers are having AVR-8 bit MCUs or it may be 320bit MCUS, as well some others are based on SMART ARM based MCUs as well 8051 based. Developers at Xtint provide complete solutions for developing products based on that. For More details kindly post inquiry just right side from here.

For More details kindly post inquiry just right side from here.

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