Microcontroller Programming Services

Xtint Technologies give administrations to a wide range of Microcontrollers as we have encountered specialists for Microcontroller programming purposes. Programming Languages, we utilized for programming these microcontrollers are low level computing construct, C programming dialect and so forth. Few of the microcontrollers on which, we have met expectations are:

Raspberry Pi

Xtint Technologies have taken a shot at various advancements taking from basic keypad, LCD to high complex modules, for example, WiFi, Ethernet and so on. We have chipped away at various advancements, for example RS232, Ethernet, Wifi, Radio Frequency (RF), Bluetooth BLE, SPI, I2C, USB.

Xtint Technologies have been equipped with all required tools like debuggers, programmers and development boards, cables wires and instruments required for development as we have our own lab for testing and development with skilled hardware design experts.

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